Wednesday, January 20, 2010

just a quick update!

This blog is as of now drastically under construction!  Expect more information and more regular updates in the future.  

A few quick updates!!

-OJC f made a formal proposal to Food Not Bombs this evening regarding looking into a community space with OJC and other collectives in the Orlando area (Black Manatee COllective and Rusted Chain COllective).  The logistics and inner workings of this plan are not anything certain as of yet, groups are open to the idea of working together and talking more in the future about budgeting, space size and all other matters concerning the community space.  OJC talked of researching expenses and what would possibly be needed from all parties involved and presenting this to FNB in the near future.  

Necessities concerning possible space:
-Kitchen equipment for Food Not Bombs that already exists just making sure there is enough room for these things (i.e stove, refrigerator, cutting station)
-Workshop area for Rusted Chain.  Enough room for bikes and bike equipment. 
-Infoshop/media space.  Computers, zines, books, tapes, records, cds etc.
-Meeting area.

More info on this as the project develops! 

-Radical Movie Night is next Tuesday night @ 8pm at Stardust!  We're showing The Future Of Food this month.

-We're having an Art Show at Elise's house February 13th @ 7pm.  Chris Wegman is displaying his art work and we are selling Mujahids home brewed beer!  Come out for fun and some sassy photos.

I will update more soon!  I promise :)


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you're interested in becoming involved you can find us/reach us these ways:

-Tuesdays @ 8:30p.m. Meetings at Seven Sisters Coffeehouse [911 N. Mills, next to the intersection of Marks St.]

-Wednesday nights [7-10] at Audubon Market @ Stardust Film & Coffee 

-E-mail us:

Meetings are open to everyone! For real this time. Tonight at 8:30. If you can't make it tonight, hopefully we'll see you soon. 

Monday, November 30, 2009

Come to a meeting!

We have opened up our meetings for any and everyone to join in and help make our goal of opening an info shop/community center a reality!  We have been meeting at Stardust on Tuesday evenings at 8:30(ish)pm.  Please, come out and share ideas/opinions or just come by to lend a hand with future events.  To make our dream of having a space where everyone is welcome, a space that has access to different forms of media for cheap/free, a space to plan and host radical events and an overall space to inspire and encourage all forms of self expression everyone who shares our goals and vision should be a part of creating something better for the Orlando area.  With that all said, tomorrow evening at 8:30pm at Stardust we'll have our first meeting as an open collective and I encourage you to please come out :)  If you have any questions/need directions e-mail us!

*edit: we are on tracks to becoming an open collective. this hasn't happened yet* -mooj

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2010 Slingshot Organizers!!

Pocket Size

Full Size

On Monday we got a box of Slingshot Organizers! So if you need an organizer for 2010 why not support us and get one from us?
There are two different options and an array of colors!

Full Size for more writing room and a few extra pages of radical information.
Pocket Size same ordeal just smaller with less writing room but fits in your pocket!

Alleycat Update

Wizard Chess

another reason (beside the obvious harry potter reference) why the alleycat is called Defense Against the Dark Arts is because of the political undertone.
this alleycat is a fundraiser for orange juice collective. which, among other things, is working on starting an infoshop in orlando. a space which "serves as a meeting space and resource hub for local activist groups."

Wherein Voldemort is the epitome of evil in the wizardry world. In our world many factors embody 'the dark arts' therefore we must defend ourselves against them.

p.s. this will reflect in the alleycat.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Book space!

We have life! Seven Sisters coffee has offered us their book shelf to set up all of our literature. OJC has a wide variety of books and zines ranging from political, women's studies, children's books and so much more. One of our goals as a collective is to offer radical and informative books and zines to the public and in order to achieve this goal we've priced the books on a sliding scale system. Please stop by, chat with Brittany and check out our lovely friends at Seven Sisters (make sure to ask for an iced Red Giant!) and see what we've got going on.

Keep updated for a book drive in the very near future!

Current wish list:
-A folding table and chairs

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our first day open!

Today we tabled at the Audubon Park Community market at Stardust Video & Coffee at 1824 Winter Park Road. We had a good number of people coming to look at our books and zines. Thank you to everyone who showed interest and signed up for our mailing list. Also thank you to our first customer, who bought a copy of Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night. We will be at future Audubon Markets, watch this space for when.

Next Saturday (the 8th) is a house show that we will be present at. Contact us through email for the details.

We are always looking for donations to make this project possible. Here is a list of things that we could use:

A collapsible table
Collapsible chairs
A P.A.
More zines!
More books!
CDs, records, tapes
A photocopy machine
An office space to use

If you have any information for us that would be helpful in obtaining any of these items, or funding, or an event we could table at, or a storefront we could set up it it would also be greatly appreciated.

Who we are.

The Orange Juice Collective is a non-profit organization that offers a hub for media exchange, space for music and art events, and a forum for d.i.y. education and the application thereof.

The collective aims to create an all-ages show space/infoshop/record store to help promote independent and progressive music and literature. The space will be open for local and touring musicians, artists looking to display their work, educators who wish to share knowledge with the community, and as a place for meetings. Overall, it is our goal to have the space be an unbarred area for individuals to express themselves. In addition, we want to provide an infoshop and record store that serves as a library stocked with media from a variety of freethinking sources.

The collective plans on organizing events and providing independent media to the community in a multitude of venues in the Orlando area. We will be asking for donations and gifts in kind (such as books, zines, recordings, films, etc) to make this project possible. Your help, in any form, in making our vision a reality is greatly appreciated.